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Bath Faucet Cartridge - 123-CAR


Bath Faucet Cartridge - 123-CAR

$15.00 MSRP

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  • GF-123
  • High-pressure ceramic cartridge
  • Longevity and trouble-free use
  • *Two styles: Classic and Newer
  • Limited lifetime warranty

If a handle is the muscle of a faucet, then a cartridge is the heart. Every time you turn it on, off, or adjust your water to the perfect temperature, it’s the cartridge, that’s doing all the work. The first single-control hot/cold-water mixing cartridge was invented over 75 years ago. Since then, there have been many improvements in cartridge technology and innovation. So now, you know the faucet Novatto offers will perform reliably, and control effortlessly, plus it will stay leak-free for years to come, all thanks to the high-pressure ceramic cartridge hidden inside.

*There are two styles: Newer and Classic. We highly suggest you look at your cartridge before ordering.

Let your style flow and enjoy Novatto's lifetime limited warranty. Supreme packaging and boxing ensure damage-free delivery. Novatto customer service is always here to answer any additional product questions at 844.404.4242 or

Item Total Height - Classic (mm) 57 mm
Item Outer Diameter - Classic (mm) 35 mm
Item Stem Height - Classic (mm) 19 mm
Item Weight - Classic .5 oz

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